A bit about Moto Milano

"I started working on motorcycles in the early 1960's on my first bike, a brand new 1963 125cc Vespa. I've also owned and maintained Honda 90's, 305 Super Hawks, Matchless singles, BSA twins and singles, Triumphs and more. I became involved in professional motorcycle repair and maintenance in 1966 in a shop that sold every available European cycle, as well as Suzuki. It was a time where you had to have the skills to keep your bike going, and tools with you, every time you went for a ride. I've raced, repaired, and built motorcycles from the ground up since my start in the 60's. I've also provided mechanical services for factory-sponsored teams with a large degree of success. I have always found ways to make vehicles run to their potential without sacrificing reliability."
"It is with these skills that I founded Moto Milano. We take great pride in our workmanship and in our ability to perform the work most other shops can't. Since 1983, we have extensive background working on fuel-injected motorcycles. The Italian motorcycle manufacturers have been fuel injecting their motorcycles since the 1980's. We are committed to be the shop to bring your fuel injected motorcycle to. With our state of the art equipment, trained technicians, and years of experience, we have become the Northeast's premier performance shop. While we specialize in and sell Italian V-Twins, we do not limit our service to them. We welcome the chance to help your bike reach the peak performance it can, from engine tuning to tires and suspension, we can help. Ride Safe."

- Gerry Milano